MyMirror for Windows 正式發行

目前提供 MyMirror for Win7 與 Server 2008 版本,下載請按 這裡。Linux 免費版與正式版在 這裡 下載。有任何問題與測試回饋,歡迎與我聯絡

2011年9月5日 星期一

MyMirror for Windows 簡易管理手冊

MyMirror for Windows 版本的管理方式比 Linux 版本直覺且簡單,因為 Windows 版有圖形管理介面。在此節錄 MyMirror for Windows管理手冊,並加上一些中文翻譯,方便各位安裝與測試 MyMirror 軟體。詳細手冊位於軟體管理介面的Help說明內

1.      執行 MyMirror 必須要有系統管理員的權限


2.        Config Menu定選單

Show Config       display the Active/Passive mirroring folders saved in the config file

New Active/Passive  start a dialog to select an Active and passive mirroing folder pair.
The Active folder must be a folder in the local file system; the passive folder can be
(1). a local folder, C:\My Document or C:\My Picture ...etc
(2). a folder of another hard drive or flash driver, J:\My Flash
(3). a remote shared folder, \\backserver\user\john\My Document

Delete Active/Passive delete an existing Active/Passive mirroring folder pair entry

Exit  exit the MyMirror GUI program. Exit does not stop mirroring activities of
configured active/passive mirror folder. One can restart the MyMirror GUI program any time.

3.        Sync Menu 同步選單

Compare/Sync compare and sync a selected Active/Passive mirroring pair.
The result of comparison is displayed on the Window, see Option Menu about
choice of display. User can then sync up the different files from either direction
or opt out.

4.        Start/Stop Menu 開始/停止選單

Start Replication  start mirroring for all configured Active/Passive mirroring pair.
By default, an Active/Passive mirroring pair is automatically started mirroring
once selected in 'New Active/Passive' menu.

Stop Replication  stop mirroring for all configured Active/Passive Mirroring pair.

5.        Options 其他選項

Ignore blanks
causes white space characters (space, tab, newline) to be ignored in the expanded view, so that lines which differ only in white space are shown as identical

Mono colors
uses colors suitable for a monochrome display.

The next four options control which files (if any) are displayed in outline mode.

Show Identical Files
Include files which are identical in each path

Show Left-Only Files
Include files which occur only in the left hand path

Show Right-Only Files
Include files which occur only in the right hand path

Show Different Files
Include files which occur in both paths, but which are not the same.